April 23, 2013

Film study: J. Blazevich

Georgia got some big news on Tuesday as one of the nation's top tight ends, Jeb Blazevich (Christian; Charlotte, N.C.) became the fourth Bulldog commitment of the 2014 class.

UGA is looking to bring in at least one tight end in this class and it could be that Blazevich is the only prospect the Bulldogs take at the position.

Below UGASports takes a closer look at what the Rivals250 playmaker can do once he enters the mix in Athens.

Where he is great

Blazevich has impressive size. He has long arms, big hands, and has the frame to add the muscle mass needed to become a great blocker on the edge in the SEC.

At 6-foot-5, 225 pounds, Blazevich is also an incredible athlete. He has the ability to go up and get the ball at its highest point. He also has the body control that allows him to use his big frame to shield defenders from the football.

The Charlotte native is also a savvy route runner. He understands leverage in coverage and will adjust his routes appropriately to create space.

When watching Blazevich in person or on film, it is rare to see him drop the football. He plucks it out of the air and catches the ball away from his body well. He can make the tough or routine catch with regularity, and seems to be comfortable fighting for the football in traffic.

Where he is good

Blazevich doesn't have elite speed for a tight end, but he runs really well. He gets in and out of his cuts without losing speed.

He can flex out and be a possession receiver in the slot, or he can come in tight and create mismatches on linebackers with his speed and route running ability.

One underrated aspect of Blazevich's game is the fact that he is a perfectionist. He takes pride in his ability to run routes and play the position well, and that should serve him well going into a system that features the tight end prominently.

Where he needs work

Blazevich isn't quite a complete tight end prospect at this point. He is a solid blocker when he is flexed out and allowed to work on defensive backs and smaller, quicker linebackers, but he isn't ready to put his hand on the ground and block defensive linemen in the SEC.

The four-star tight end will need to get bigger and stronger to become a better blocker, and adding that weight and muscle mass will also allow him to be more of a force after the catch when it comes to moving the chains.


This is a huge pick up for Georgia in a number of ways. First and foremost, Blazevich is prospect with high character and great leadership ability. He won't be enrolling early, but he is also a great student in the classroom and of the game. He is an excellent receiver while possessing everything a program looks for when it comes to developing a complete tight end. He will be an excellent red zone target and a guy that can settle into soft spots in a zone defense to move the chains. The Bulldogs will lose Arthur Lynch after the 2013 season, and Blazevich's combination of talent and work ethic could make it tough to keep him off the field in 2014. He can also help Georgia on the recruiting trail as an early pledge. He has an outgoing personality and is well liked by other recruits. If he decides to help Georgia with some of its top targets, he could be a help to the program as soon as Wednesday.

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