July 20, 2012

Weekly Recruiting Wrap: High School Heroes

Your humble recruiting analyst has only been covering high school football for a few short years, but I've had the privilege of seeing some talented players in the process.

Who's the best? There are several different ways to answer this question. Is it a projection of college production, or simply a rating as a high school player? How much does competition come into account?

The following list is a blend of both factors, but thanks to the benefit of hindsight, we already know how some of them pan out in college. Therefore, emphasis will be on performances as a high school player, not necessarily projecting to the next level.

All are based on in-person evaluations, and only for high school games (no 7-on-7, camps, or combines). Naturally, there's a heavy prevalence of recent players, since I've seen far more games in recent years. Only players who signed with (or are committed to) Michigan are included - or you'd certainly see the likes of Aaron Burbridge, if not a few others.

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