September 4, 2011

2013 Post Summer Rankings

The Illinois class of 2013 was at one time seen as the big 3 and then the rest. That isn't the case anymore, as it is the big one and then the rest. Jabari Parker has separated himself from the pack and become not only the # 1 player in Illinois for 2013 and regardless of class, but also the #1 player in the nation for 2013. (Rivals ranked him #2, but they'll come around.)
After #1, it gets much more difficult. Jabari Parker does it day in and day out, and has the upside. The other guys don't have that combination. The 2 spot could end up being any number of players, and the pick is different if you base it on production or potential. Heck, most of it is due to personal preference and whether you want a scorer, a point guard or a big man.
With that in mind, here are the Orange and Blue News class of 2013 post summer rankings.

1. Jabari Parker 6'8 Forward
Yes, Rivals recently put out a national ranking that has him at #2, but that is most likely to create some controversy and be different than everyone else. It's like back when they used to give anyone but Michael Jordan the MVP Awards. Parker does it all. He scores from all 3 levels, rebounds, defends and blocks shots at a high level.

2. Kendall Stephens 6'5 Shooting Guard
He wasn't as productive after battling injuries during the summer, so this pick is based a lot on potential that he has due to his size and skill set. The Purdue commit can shoot it, now he needs to add the other parts of his game.

3. Thomas Hamilton 6'9 Power Forward/Center
You can't question his skills, they are off the charts for the gentle giant, but does he want to play? He didn't see a lot of action this summer, but if he puts it all together he can be the #2 player in this class.

4. Kendrick Nunn 6'1 Shooting Guard
The undersized 2 guard gets things done with his perimeter shooting and drives to the left that nobody seems to be able to stop. He is also a willing defender that can guard either spot. The Aggies got a good one in Nunn.

5. Malcolm Hill[db] 6'5 Shooting Guard
Prototypical size and the ability to get to the basket make him a big time talent. His body control allows him to draw contact to his wiry frame and get to the line. He needs to shoot it better to take the next step.

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